How Do I Sell My Home The Easiest Way Possible During A Divorce?

Life is full of ups and downs, not all times are good and many people face difficult situations. Divorce is one of those life situations no one wants to find themselves in, but unfortunately, many do. According to, divorces have seen a significant increase since the pandemic. When a divorce takes place, the couple must go through an excruciating process of dividing assets and settling with attorneys. During this tumultuous time, one of the greatest assets a couple must decide how to settle is their home. furthermore, not only must a couple decide who gets the property, they have to decide how the spouse hanging on to the piece of real estate will compensate the other. It is not uncommon for couples to struggle with a compromise when it comes to the place they lay their heads at night, so many properties are sold to eliminate the issue.

The spouse retaining the right to the property may feel as if they have won, but in many cases, the property is stigmatized by bad memories. Most divorcees do not realize this issue until they are stuck with said property. Orchard. com sites reasons pertaining to finances, legal, and liability in an article outlining why many couples sell their home after a divorce. Selling the home where an unpleasant experience took place can be fresh start, yet it is not an easy process. Selling a home on the open market involves consulting with real estate agents that will pick your property apart and recommend certain improvements be made to obtain top dollar. Selling a home has been compared to the stress of giving birth to a child, and is not the type of experience one going through a divorce hopes to add to their complicated life. Many going through divorces have found selling the home avoids a court struggle for ownership and allows both parties to move on. Surprisingly, selling a home during a divorce happens more times than not, which is interesting when taking into consideration the amount of stress the endeavor adds to a divorce. Fortunately, selling a home on the open market and dealing with inconvenient showings and needed repairs is not the only way to relieve a former couple of a stigmatized property.

There are many ways to sell properties and being in the midst of a divorce other than on the open market with a realtor. Services such as Opendoor and Offerpad provide homeowners quick cash offers on their properties, meaning there are no showings and they can close as soon as it works for the seller. Even as these innovative services are convenient, they come at a cost. Those selling to these companies are oftentimes blindsided by the fees associated with doing so. It’s like you’re selling to an investor, but still paying for a realtor. Divorced couples looking to sell the home they used to share need a process to do so that is both simple and cost effective. The enchantment of listing a home and getting many over asking offers is a slowly fading dream as the fed hikes interest rates to the highest point in decades and many are priced out of the market. Fortunately, there is a better, local solution to selling a home after a divorce if that home is located in many parts of North Carolina.

Helpful Homes is a locally owned and operated real estate acquisitions company based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. For those who have to sell a home in order to finalize their divorce, Helpful Homes is a much more painless solution. By purchasing the property in its’ current condition for cash, Helpful Homes allows those going through a divorce in Greensboro sell their home on a timeframe that works for them. Relocating is not an easy feat, especially in a market full of inflation and rising interest rates, but implementing a cash offer from Helpful Homes allows sellers to enjoy the perks of large home buying operation without taking on the fees. If you find yourself in the midst of a divorce and know selling is the best option, call Helpful Homes, not only will they make the process simple and easy, they won’t require any of the repairs or price contingent appraisals that come from selling real estate on the open market.

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