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If you find yourself in the position of needing to sell your land in Greensboro, NC, whether due to relocation, changing investment strategies, or any other reason, it’s essential to understand the process and your options. Selling land can be a complex endeavor, but with the right knowledge and assistance, you can navigate it successfully.

“Why I’m I selling my land?”

It’s important to know why you’re selling your land. Are you moving to a new city for work or personal reasons? Do you need money to pursue your dreams or perhaps to pay off debts? Whatever your reason, it’s important for you to know you why. This will assist you in making better informed decisions throughout the selling process.

Getting your land ready for Sale

Before putting your land up for sale you should consider freeing your property from any clutter or debris. Remove any garbage, old equipment or abandoned vehicles from the property. This will make your land look more presentable and help buyers visualize it’s full potential. Also, this doesn’t kill a deal if you don’t do it, but that’s a cost that the end buyer will have to endure so that will play a roll in the offer they can present you.

Making sure you have the necessary documents to be able to sell is vital. This will help any legal complications during the selling process.

Knowing the boundaries of your property will help the potential buyers understand the size of your land. if you have a survey of your land will be handy for this.

Determining the Value of Your Land

You need to determine the value of your land beforehand so this may assist you in setting a fair price and attract buyers. Some factors to consider when determine the value of your land is Location, Size, Accessibility, Zoning Regulations, Availability of utilities, to name a few. It’s also great idea to speak with a professional appraiser to determine value of your land.

Do you know if your land perc’s? A Perc test is needed to be done on vacant land that does not have city sewer available to be connected. A Perc test will determine the water absorption rate of the soil and what size septic tank will be allowed to be installed. This will also affect how many bathrooms can be built in the future home. This test is important because it will determine what you’re able to build on the land or if the land is not suitable to be developed.

If your land is able to be connected to City sewer than no need to worry, you won’t need a Perc test.

Choosing the Right Method to Sell Your Land

Once you have your paper work in order and you have a fair assessment of the value of your land, you need to find the best way to sell it. You can choose from

Listing with a Realtor.

Listing your land with a realtor is a very common method of selling. Your lot will be able to be seen by a wider audience as it will be listed on the MLS (Multiple listing services). Realtor may also assist in setting a fair price as they can review closed land comparable in the area, that will help assist them to further market your land and negotiate with potential buyers. You will have to pay a commissions to your listing agent plus potentially the buyers agent. You will have to potential deal with buyers asking for an extended amount of due diligence period. Which is costly and time consuming.

Selling on your Own.

If you prefer to sell your land on your own, you can save on commission fees and have more control over the selling process. You must adversative your property, show it to potential buyers and negotiate the sale yourself.

Selling to a Developer or Cash Investor

If your land is suitable for developement, you can consider selling it to a developer or a cash investor. Developers are always looking for land to build their next project, if that’s a new single family, commercial building or other projects. Greensboro is seeing tons of new development at the moment. You can also sell it to a cash investor that is looking to add another asset to their buy and hold portfolio or they will look to developing the land in the future. Selling to either one is a quick and easy way to sell.

Advertising your Property.

Here are some ways to advertise your property:

  1. Online Listings

Online Listings are a greta way to bigger reach. You can list as an owner on Zillow, Realtor.Com, and Craigslist. Include detailed information about your property, such as it’s size, location and relevant features.

2. Print Advertising

You can also advertise your property in local newspapers or real estate magazines. This can help you reach potential buyers not actively searching for land online.

Closing the Sale

Once you agree with a buyer, closing the same is time. This involves transferring ownership to the buyer and receiving the funds. These are some things to keep in mind during the closing process.

  • Hire a real estate attorney to handle the legal paperwork.
  • Make sure all necessary documents are signed and notarized.
  • Verify that the buyer has the funds for the purchase
  • Transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer.

Why Choose Helpful Homes?

At Helpful Homes, we understand the unique challenges of selling land and are here to offer our expertise and assistance. Here’s why you should consider selling your land to us:

  1. Fair and Transparent Offers: We believe in providing fair and transparent offers to our clients. Our team will carefully evaluate your land and present you with a competitive cash offer based on its value and market conditions.
  2. Fast and Convenient Process: We know that time is of the essence when selling land, especially if you’re relocating or need to liquidate your investment quickly. With Helpful Homes, you can expect a fast and convenient selling process, from the initial offer to closing.
  3. No Hidden Fees or Commissions: Unlike selling through a traditional real estate agent, selling your land to Helpful Homes means no hidden fees or commissions. What you see is what you get – a straightforward cash offer with no surprises.
  4. Local Expertise: As a local company specializing in buying land in Greensboro, NC, we have in-depth knowledge of the local market. We understand the unique characteristics of the area and can provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.
  5. Personalized Service: At Helpful Homes, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you’re selling due to relocation, financial reasons, or any other factor, we’ll work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


  1. Do I need to hire a real estate agent to sell my land?
    No, you can sell your land on your own. Fill out the provided form and sell your land fast to us. We buy land fast with cash .
  2. How long does it take to sell land?
    The time it takes to sell land depends on several factors, such as location, demand, and market conditions. Selling your land can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
  3. How do I determine the value of my land?
    You can determine the value of your land by considering factors such as location, size, accessibility and zoning regulations. You can always speak with a professional appraiser as well.

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If you’re ready to sell your land for cash in Greensboro, NC, don’t hesitate to reach out to Helpful Homes. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you achieve your selling goals. Contact us today to learn more and get started on the path to a stress-free land sale.

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