How To Sell Your Expired Property Listing

Quick and Easy Solutions with Helpful Homes Are you located in North Carolina and previously tried to sell your home, second property, or inherited house, but were unsuccessful? Maybe you have an expired listing that failed to sell on the MLS. Or, perhaps you want to sell your home without having to deal with a … Continued

Avoiding Foreclosure In Miami

My Home In Miami Is In Foreclosure, What Do I Do Now? Foreclosure is never a situation one plans for. Resulting from tumultuous times and a poor economy, foreclosures can come for the most economically sound of us. When prices of gas and food increase at the rapid rate we have seen in the past … Continued

Helpful Homes can stop your property tax sale in Miami Dade County

Is Selling Your Inherited Property Right For You?

The probate process is lengthy, emotional, and complex. That’s why Helpful Homes is dedicated to providing support, guidance, and solutions for those facing the complex and emotional probate process. Located in North Carolina or Florida? We can provide cash in hand for your inherited property.

Need To Sell An Inherited/Probate Property in Miami

Miami is one of the most beautiful places to live, but with this tropical paradise comes a boatload of maintenance. Inheriting a property in Miami can be one of the greatest gifts or one of the worst punishments. Beautiful beaches and a culture full of latin influence and foreign cars makes the city a unique … Continued

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Mobile Home in Asheboro

When considering selling your mobile home, while your initial focus may be on the price, the reality of taking the first step towards your goal settles in. It is now time to decide how you will sell your mobile home. You must ask yourself some tough questions at this point, will you list it yourself, … Continued