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Property taxes will always be a thing, and one way or another they must be dealt with. In Florida and all other states, there are laws that will eventually allow local government to sell a person’s home in a tax sale in order to collect the taxes that are delinquent. The laws and timelines vary from state to state but the end result is the same, you lose the home in a forced sale. If you are in this situation, simply put, it stinks. Our homes are our castles and the thought of someone being able to take that from us is enough to drive one mad. The bottom line is you have to have a plan and then a backup plan. I would like to provide that for you and in just a few I will tell you why you should allow me to be just that, your backup plan.

I grew up in South Florida and what a unique and great place to grow up. At least back in the ’80s, when taxes were still low and all was well. Over the years we have seen South Florida and as a result, all of Florida jump way up in value over the years. We all saw the crash in 2008 but boy are we back and way over those highs, with no immediate end in sight. Unfortunately, the good old folks at the counties see this too, and so our Florida taxes have been steady on the rise and are now at all-time highs, with values mirroring.

I have worked with people in Florida just like you, that have equity to protect in their homes. We have stopped tax-delinquent sales of property, on the same day of the actual sale. This is really pushing your backup plan, but it has been done. No matter how much you owe in back taxes, as long as you have equity to preserve in the property, I will pay your tax bill and stop the sale. We can discuss the options you have as a result of us stopping the sale. We will do any needed repairs to the home in order to get it market-ready. We can show you how we put all of this together with real estate attorneys so that you are protected and feel at ease about the process.

We work directly with homeowners in Pembroke Pines to stop tax sales and get you the equity in your home that you are entitled to. This is what I do for a living and how I provide for my family. I take your time as well as mine, very seriously. I will not waste your time or make false promises. I will be very clear with what I can provide to you and your unique situation. We all go through ups and downs in this lifetime, how we react to them will strongly determine our outcome. I hope you are able to get your tax bill paid and that you never need me. That said, have a backup plan.

If you are unsure of what you may owe Broward county in property taxes, check the county’s site by clicking the “CHECK MY TAX BILL” button below and entering your home’s address into the search bar.

Have A Backup Plan

I remember a bad dog bite that I got one time, breaking up a dog fight. One thing about me, I am a huge dog and animal lover. Anyhow, this bite was pretty bad and deep, on the top of my hand. Me being the way I am, I figured I will clean it up well and keep an eye on it. I have a close childhood friend who is a Dr. so I gave him a call as well as sent him a photo of the bite. He immediately warned me of the large risk of infection that I was in and just how badly dog bites to the hand can be. It was so serious he told me to make an appointment with a hand surgeon, so I did.

Making the appointment for the backup plan, I never ended up needing, saved my hand!

So I took my good friend’s advice and luckily ended up finding a same-day walk-in that had an orthopedic Dr on hand, pun intended. The idea behind this was if the infection did start to turn for the worst, I had already made a connection to a hand surgeon that would see me right away and operate. This was critical because the time it takes to lose your hand is very small, once a serious infection sets in.

The Dr that did see me that day was a godsend. I recall him saying “this is really going to hurt but it’s what we need to do and I’m not giving you any local”. He proceeded to open up the holes, clean them out well, and then wick them with gauze. This process would happen again over the next 3 days until I was told I was now clear to change the bandage at home. I felt an immense amount of pressure release after that first cleaning and was able to move my hand again. I knew then, he had saved my hand from sure infection. Although I never ended up needing the surgery, being prepared for the worst is what got me the best result.

If you have equity in your Pembroke Pines home, do not even take a chance of losing your home to a tax sale. Let’s talk about a good game plan in the event you are not able to put off the sale of your property any longer. Let me go over some real numbers with you so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. I can put you on the phone with one of our Helpful Homes real estate attorneys and they can answer questions for you or your loved ones.

I can show you exactly how this works as well as answer all the questions you may have. I am a real person that cares about people. Although this is my business, it revolves around people. We cherish the opportunity to solve a problem as well as do good and fair business at the same time. When you work with the right people, a real win-win scenario is possible. At Helpful Homes, we are not just a name, helping people is what we do.

Even if we never do business together, if I can lead you in the right direction or simply provide some peace of mind, that you have a solid backup plan, that’s good with me. If you are behind on property taxes in Pembroke Pines, FL, and would like to talk about real options, fill out the form below and we will reach out to you right away. We are 5 stars on Google, we are A+ rated by the BBB and we want to earn your trust, as the go-to solution for stopping tax-delinquent sales in Pembroke Pines, FL, and protecting the equity in your home.

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We truly care about people and we want to provide help! If you are behind on property taxes on your Pembroke Pines home, we are the solution.

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