How to Sell Your Home “As Is” In Asheboro

Today’s real estate market favors sellers, but that doesn’t mean the process is any easier for them. Following the interest rate decline as a result of the Pandemic, buyers began flocking to an already warm market. This sudden surge of demand drove prices up as many sellers found themselves with multiple offers on their property. Even as this uptick in demand signaled easier transactions for sellers, buyers began implementing deceitful tricks of their own. For years, real estate transactions consisted of both parties doing what it took to get the transaction done. Today buyers will bid much over asking price on a homes and then hit the seller with an inspection report that mimics a small bible, all while they ask for a punch list that stretches over multiple pages. Sellers in this market oftentimes think they are getting the better deal with above asking offers, that is until buyers demand repairs and price reductions that offset the difference between their best offer and the initial asking price.

One would concluded, Asheboro being such a small town in the middle of the state, it should be the last area to be affected by these inflated prices and over demanding buyers. Unfortunately the recent real estate market boom is evident in areas that are usually the last to be affected, resulting from white collar working fleeing big cities with high living expenses on a whim to work from home. Asheboro is just like any other city when it comes to real estate, prices are now higher and so are repair requests. Demand for small towns such as Asheboro which are bedroom communities to cities such as Greensboro and Charlotte, are leaving those who are not used to such scrutiny when selling a place in a venerable position.

Those living in Asheboro who have recently inherited a house or must sale due to a move or financial situation, like a foreclosure, are typically not well versed when it comes to current trends in the real estate market. Agents promising to deliver higher sales prices may be able to do so, but sellers are usually unaware of the real cost. After a home inspector picks apart every imperfection from the home and recommends the buyer to ask for many things to be brought up to modern code, sellers are looking at a hefty bill or restarting the selling process from scratch. Oftentimes the next buyers will find the same issues and request similar repairs or improvements. Additionally, sellers who have to put their homes back on the market after accepting above asking offers are required to disclose any major issues the buyers uncovered while the property was under contract. Typically homes that have contracts that fall through do not see the same demand when they go back on market as they did when they were initially listed, which oftentimes results in sellers taking lower offers. Selling a home in Asheboro used to be an easy process, but the insanity of the current real estate market has brought it to the same stress level for sellers that buyers endure when trying to secure a property.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to selling a home the conventional route that don’t include property inspections with mile long lists of repairs required before the sale can close. Helpful Homes is a locally owned business that operates out of the triad and buys home for cash. By using personal funds instead of loans, Helpful Homes is able to purchase properties that are oftentimes un financeable to conventional buyers. For a home to reach its max value, it must be financeable to a conventional buyer. Depending on the loan those financeable conditions may be a thermostat controlled heating system or as strict as perfect siding with no holes. That is not the case when Helpful Homes purchases properties, as they are willing and able to buy any home or property in any condition. Not only does Helpful Homes buy homes in their current condition, they also charge no commission. Selling a home in a sellers market should be easier than it is, but with the help of Helpful Homes, selling your home is as simple as it should be.

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