Helpful Homes with Tyler, explaining why it’s NOT always best to list your AS-IS home with a Realtor

Speaker 1:
Hey guys, this is Tyler from Helpful Homes. And today we’re going to be talking about how real estate agents can actually cost you more money in a deal instead of saving you money. So prior to me becoming a real estate investor, I was a real estate agent. And I still do that a little bit today. And one of the things I noticed with a lot of the listings I was getting that were not in great condition, I was ending up with cash buyer investors at the end of the day. My sellers put it on the market anticipating that a home buyer would come through and pay them more money than an investor would. But unfortunately, the house was in a condition that the bank would not pass a loan on. When that happens, it cuts out almost 90% of your home buyers that are going to live there because an investor is the only one that has that kind of cash on hand to actually do the repairs.

And for investors to dump out all their money, it costs them money. It’s not in the bank making them interest. So they are not able to afford to pay retail prices for it. So what ended up happening was I would sell these properties to investors for much lower than my seller wanted after I had to do a million price reductions. Comps may show that this property is worth a certain number, but those other comps are properties that were able to pass bank loans.

So as a result, my client would have to pay a real estate commission on top of whatever a regular home investor paid him. So I’m telling you guys this today to let you know that Helpful Homes, we buy properties as-is cash. So you don’t have to worry about paying a real estate agent to facilitate the deal. I’m a real estate agent. I can provide all the necessary documents and you don’t have to worry about paying a commission at the end after you end up getting what the house is inevitably worth if it needs major repairs. So if you have a property that has been in the family for a while that needs repairs or just something that has been a problem property, we take it in any condition. So if you have an issue with title or the property itself, give us a call. Thank you.
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