Helpful Homes Buys Houses As-Is in Winston Salem, NC

Helpful Homes Buys Houses As-Is in Winston Salem, NC
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Hello everybody in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I’m Robert Robinson, we are Helpful Homes and just wanted to take this time to speak directly to the homeowners that would like to sell their properties in their as is condition, sell them quickly and also sell them at a fair cash price.

Many times when you go to sell a property, the conventional route that comes to mind is calling up a realtor, then listing the property with the realtor of your choice. From that point, the property then goes on the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS, and everybody basically sees it. Who’s looking for a property in, for say that neighborhood or price range. So then your realtor gets some phone calls and you generally start showing the property, unless your realtor already has a buyer. In that case, wonderful, you don’t need us. Call the realtor, they make a little bit of money, they facilitate you with a buyer and life goes on.

But in most cases, realtors put the property on the Multiple Listing Service and then other realtors can see that property and start showing the property. So then you may get a bunch of different offers and at one point you will sit down with your realtor and you’ll select that offer. The offer that you feel is the best offer. And from that point, you’ll go into a due diligence period where that buyer now has the chance to do any sort of inspections they would like to the property. And during that time they can back out of the contract or they can ask for you to do specific repairs to the house, or they can just walk away altogether and say, ‘Hey, guess what? This was more than what we expected or not what we expected and we want to withdraw and walk away’.

In the state of North Carolina that due diligence money that they offered you is money that you would now keep. And that’s basically in exchange for you giving them the time to go through that due diligence process. When you sell your home to Helpful Homes, you do not need to worry about the numbers changing. We will give you a fair cash offer that we can stand behind without changing the numbers and without taking you through a due diligence period. So if you are looking to get a fair cash offer that you can count on and something that you know is not going to change, then Helpful Homes is a wonderful option. You can find us online at Fill out a very simple little form there with some general information and we’ll reach out to you. Or you can pick up the telephone and in North Carolina you can call us at 336-829-7400.

So you don’t always have to go the conventional route if you want to sell your house and get a fair price for it. Now, if the house is in immaculate condition and you’ve just renovated it or it’s in really tip top shape, we are probably not your best bet to get max dollars or max value for that particular piece of property. We generally buy properties that need some sort of work, whether it’s a very extensive amount of work or the house simply needs an air condition and a roof and some painting. But generally the properties we buy are in need of some work and repairs, not perfect houses that we’re buying.

So if you would like to cut out the middle man and also cut out that time process where you may think you’re getting a certain number for the house and then a month later realize you’re not getting that number. If you would like a very transparent, fair cash offer for your property, please do consider Helpful Homes. We would love the opportunity to show you how we work and present you with that offer. It is no obligation, it’s absolutely free, and we can get that offer to you usually in 24 to 48 hours. So hope everyone is doing good, hope that was helpful and we’ll hope to hear from you soon. Everybody take good care. Okay, thanks. Bye bye.
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