Helpful Homes Buys Houses As-Is In Greensboro

Helpful Homes Buys Houses As-Is In Greensboro
Robert Robinson:
Hello, Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m Robert Robinson and we are Helpful Homes, speaking to everybody in Greensboro, that would like to sell their property without having to go the conventional route of using a realtor, paying real estate commissions, and also taking the valuable time out of your life that it takes to deal with the realtors, show the property, go through all the different offers, and then once you’ve selected an offer, you then go into due diligence time and periods where these offers can change. The buyers can ask you to do long lists of repairs, or they can just walk away altogether.

So, if you have a situation that’s come up with a property and you need to make a solid plan, you would like to know exactly what you’re going to get for this property, and you’d like to know when you’re going to get it, Helpful Homes is a really good option to provide you with a no obligation, free cash offer.

These cash offers are fair. We’ve been buying and renovating, and holding rental properties for many years, so we know exactly what we’re doing. It’s a numbers thing. It’s really not rocket science, so it’s a very simple thing to figure out. The numbers obviously have to work for you. You have to feel good about the number that you’re selling your property at and the numbers have to work for us. It is a business and we are trying to make fair returns on the investments that we make.

So, there’s a fair number for every property depending on its condition, and that’s what we look to pay. We look to pay fair cash prices based on the work that needs to go into the house, to then bring it back up to today’s standards, where we can either keep it as a rental property, or sell it to another family, so they can call it home.

We take a lot of pride in what we do. We really enjoy renovating houses and we really enjoy leaving our positive mark on a neighborhood and trying to improve every house that we come across and improve the neighborhoods that we do these houses in.

So, if you have a property, doesn’t matter its condition anywhere in Greensboro, we would love to hear from you and we would just love the opportunity to show you how we work and present you with an offer.

So you can find us, check out our Better Business Bureau page and read some of our reviews from past clients. Also, check out our Google Business page and you can also see some reviews there and hear some of our past clients dealings with Helpful Homes.

So get in touch. Reach out. We’re real people. We would love to hear from you and hope you are doing well. Stay well and healthy, and we hope to hear from you sometime soon. Everybody take good care. Okay, bye-bye.
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