Are Your Investment Properties Further Away Than You’d Like?

Real estate is one of the single greatest investments a person can make. Unlike a vehicle, real estate has the ability to appreciate as well as provide its owner with a consistent flow of income. The many benefits associated with investing in real estate is the reason so many investors use it to cultivate their large salaries. As a rule of thumb when it comes to investing in real estate, investors strive to keep their projects within thirty minutes driving time of their home, allowing them to easily manage their projects and take control of the process if something out of the ordinary occurs. With a large portfolio of investment properties within a driving vicinity of the home, investors are able to manage their projects efficiently, but what happens when someone happens to have a project a little further than thirty minutes of their home, even in another state?

Just as many migrate from state to state within our large nation, out of state owners are not unheard of, especially in North Carolina. Whether an investor decided to seek warmer weather in Florida, or a out of state resident wound up with a house in North Carolina due to a probate situation, managing properties across state lines becomes quite a headache. To many, it would seem that hanging on to these properties are worth the extra stress as everyone knows the potential that resides in real estate, however, when someone is unable to manage a project themselves, everything rises in price as the investor quickly becomes a subcontractor. Unfortunately, in these situations, owners oftentimes find themselves reminscing the simple proverb, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.” During recent times, working remotely has become a popular trend, yet there are some things that are best done in person; managing investment real estate is one of these things.

With so many out of state owners unintentionally owning property greater than thirty minutes from their home, what are they to do with these headaches that are their property? Many would recommend listing their property with a licensed realtor, but the things they won’t tell about listing properties are the realtor fees and the market readiness the realtor will likely require to list the property. Just like that, the unintentional home owner is still managing a project across state lines or a large distance from their home; all they wanted was to be done with the property. Fortunately, there are local investors willing to compensate out of state and distant homeowners for their properties AS IS with no out of pocket commission fees. Here at Helpful Homes we specialize in relieving owners of vacant properties from the financial burden of these so called “investments.” We understand that real estate is a profitable industry, but as such, it must be managed by someone who is readily available to manage any unforeseen issues. Unlike most out of state and distant owners of “investment” real estate properties, we are located in Kernersville, North Carolina, putting both the Greensboro and Winston-Salem real estate markets within a thirty minute driving distance from our door. By avoiding the headache that is the modern real estate market and calling us at Helpful Homes, we will not only offer a fair price for your home, we will walk you through every step of the way to make sure relieving yourself of a burdensome property is as stress free as possible.

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